Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Psychodelic color

The means colors that are not normal and that adjustment of the user
controls is not able to correct it so that all colors of the picture
are properly displayed at the same time. For example, you are unable
to get any yellows or blues in picture that should have these colors.

* If you are using a composite video input, troubleshoot the chroma circuitry
as you would a TV - see the document: "Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair

* Confirm that the input is not a weird color video - try another software
program or video source. We have a draftsperson who always sets up his
Windows color scheme in this manner - we keep wishing it is the monitor
as **that** could be fixed!

* Verify that this is not a missing color problem - one of the primary R, G,
or B, has disappeared. If so, refer to the section: "Intermittent, flickering, or missing colors
* If this is a monitor with BNC connectors and you are using them, make sure
you had the video termination switches set correctly (75 ohms if this is
the only monitor or the last monitor in a daisychain; HiZ if an intermediate
monitor in a daisychain.) A very common cause of unbalanced or blooming
colors assuming the monitor itself is good is incorrect settings of the
* A bad connection, bad component, or short circuit in the video circuitry
or CRT neck board could also result in strange colors.

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